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Dear Broken and Beautiful Friend,


Broken and Beautiful began during a time when I felt like my world was shattered around me.  The mosaics I create  are imperfect by design. Each tiny piece is placed just as I pulled it from the wreckage. These miniature mosaics are unique, each with a different message. The list of our human struggles is endless. You may be experiencing loss, hardship, illness, abuse, severed relationships, addictions, hopelessness in all shapes and magnitudes. The truth is that we are all broken. The precious good news is that we are also beloved, and we are beautiful.


It is my hope that having one of these mosaics will remind you of a memory, passion, or experience that brings comfort, healing, and joy. When the world is but a pile of brokenness, we are encouraged to pick up the pieces carefully and create a new beautiful. You are a precious masterpiece.


You may find a fragment of mirror in your mosaic, an intentional reminder of how you see yourself. The journey inward is the most difficult of all our life travels.


Wishing you love, peace and blessings galore!


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